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Awesome Wraps


'Awesome Wraps', produces and supplies packaged sandwiches, wraps and salad boxes to customers. They have a production warehouse and are capable of producing and delivering large quantities of sandwiches; ideal for larger companies. Their customers include airlines, universities and corporate offices; who don't produce their own food, and like the convenience of working with an external supplier.


The Brief
1. Design a friendly, interactive dashboard-based App dashboard for existing customers so that they can use it to choose products, top-up their account, and keep track of previous orders. 

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Dashboard Main




Dashboard Main
A list of what’s available is shown in the dashboard homepage. Previously I had an iteration where users can select what toppings they would like to have. But considering the audience I’m targeting are B2B customers where they order sandwiches in bulk. I deleted away the option of customising sandwiches

The cart shows the items the user has selected and can choose to remove if not needed. User can select the delivery date and deliver time.


Mass Order


Menu pops up when a date is clicked


Mass Order
User can choose to order from the “Mass Order” mode to order in bulk. Just by clicking on a date, the user can add on an item. The calendar makes it easy to have an overview of what has been ordered for the month.

A short form pops up when a date is clicked. User can then go to cart to check through what has been ordered.


Dashboard for Mobile
Similar to the desktop version, the interface is rearranged to accommodate to the mobile size. When the burger is tapped, the menu pops out.