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Riso Workshop

About 2 Saturdays ago, I attended a Risograph workshop organised by Push—Press and the ADM Alumni Assoc. Risograph is an old school digital printing system that prints like the copier. The results and techniques are similar to silkscreen printing but done like photocopying in a printer.  

To get started, we were told to bring a black and white artwork of any kind for the session and then cut them up, mixing them with different images to form a collage like what I did below. 

I printed black and white images of the food images I did in watercolour and collaged them with random prints, patterns and marble prints shared with the class, then glue them on a sheet of transparency. The colours offered were red, gold, black, green, blue and orange. We decided with orange and blue because they go so well together. My print is in A4 size while the paper was in A3 so I shared half the paper with a friend if you're referring to the imagery below. Below is a printed layer of images in orange, and then in blue.  

The two layers of colours are then printed together to form this pretty collage below! It's been some time since I experience such fun art experiments and catching up with people from the same creative line.