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Inktober is a drawing challenge started by Mr Jake Parker The challenge was to draw one drawing per day in the month of October hence "Ink-tober". It can be based off a theme or anything you want. I've never thought about doing it until I met some friends over dinner who decided we should all challenge each other to do it. For me I decided to work on the themes set by Mr Jake Parker.

Below are the themes:

I would work on drawings in advance if I had plans for days I'd have no time to draw. Then sometimes on the way to work I'd think about what to draw. But most of the time I only think about what to draw on the spot. Looking back now I wonder how did I manage to commit 30 daily drawings! It seems so hard now that I'm out of it. Below are the 31 drawings that I've managed to complete in the month of October. 

I had some desperate attempts to draw something out of a difficult themes like "little", "burn" and especially "flight" (4th row, 4th pic) for my most desperate attempt award. My personal favourite pieces are "hidden" and "jump" (2nd row, 1st and last pic) which I think I've gave the rabbit a whatever goes I'm cool personality and continued the series whenever I can. I also liked the "big" theme (5th row first pic) which was an idea I came up after watching this movie called "Train to Busan". The big guy's a character who sacrificed himself to block zombies from coming through. Special mention goes to "sad" (1st row last pic) because it had a lot more thought when I was drawing it.

There goes my first Inktober!