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Flowers for the new year

Hello! It's Chinese New Year. This year it's the first time I spent visiting time sketching with my cousin at her lovely home. I decided to draw the pink chrysanthemums while she drew the hyacinth. I drew the hyacinth too with my small moleskin watercolour sketchbook but wasn't that satisfied with it. (You can see a glimpse of it at the last picture) I'm happy with how the chrysanthemums turned out. Usually I'd go over my pencil lines with a pen to get more definite lines but my cousin gave me a bigger piece of paper and said why not use just watercolour. I let myself loose and just drop blots of colour here and there to get a general impression and it looked better! So here's the flower I drawn:

Drawing on a bigger piece of paper didn't feel that intimidating after all. I think it's easier to let loose to focus on the general view of things than trying to get all the details right on a small canvas. Now I'll have to see if I can apply that to landscape drawings...

Huiling ZhouComment