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Portrait Day (March)

The Organisation of Illustrators Council (OIC) has this monthly portrait drawing session called "Portraits after dark" that's held every first Friday of the month at the Red Dot Museum. You pay $10 to get a seat to draw and you also earn $10 for every portrait you sell, if the sitter likes it. I've tried out these portrait day sessions for a while and have always find it intimidating to draw in a tight timing of 20mins and surrounded with so many other good artists. Usually my first two portraits would be my most nervous and then subsequently when I don't care so much about whether I sell them or not or making it perfect, I relax and draw better. This month I decided to try again after taking some sketching lessons on Craftsy to practise what I've learnt. I'm glad to say I managed to sell 2 paintings! 

Below's the last drawing and my favourite drawing of the night. I loosened up a lot more by the last sitter. It's always easier to draw one person than two people!

(Bottom 3 photos taken from OIC )