designer by day, windglider by night


My first sell!

Last week I was walking around Keong Saik area and decided to draw the shop houses from the back allies instead. It was a hot day and I did this sketch within an hour and a half.

So as I was done, held on to my artwork as it was still wet in paint and set to walk to the nearest train station. A man stopped me at the traffic light and asked if I drew it. I said yes and then he asked whether he could buy it from me. He really liked it because it looked so natural. This really took me by surprise! No one has ever stopped me to tell me they like my work and want to buy it like this. He gave me a good price and there, just standing in front of the construction boards beside maxwell food centre, I sold my very first painting that wasn't commissioned. I took a photo with the uncle and told him where I drew it though he didn't really understood where. In any case, it really made my day! Couldn't have felt more blessed and lucky!