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Watercolour Class with Mood Art Studio (Bangkok)

Hello. It's been a while! I recently took up a watercolour class while I was in Bangkok. The studio is called "Mood Art Studio", conveniently located near Hua Lanphong Metro Station, headed by artist Mr Artorn Budseetada. Each session is quite free and easy lasting 3 hours at 500 baht. Each class there is a range of photos you can choose to draw and ask him to teach or just follow what he has in mind for the day.

Here's a quick look in the studio. An abundance of drawing tools!

Here's a quick look in the studio. An abundance of drawing tools!

Session 1-2

We did mountains and houses! An outline was quickly sketched and then we started painting with dark and organic strokes to give depth to the mountains then we came down to the houses. The challenge for me was doing the trees and bushes. 

As you can see here on the top left of the paper is what the teacher demostrated and hte little bush on the right is my drawing. Though I watched how he drew that a few times which didn't seem too hard they way he marked each stroke of the brush, from light to dark, I had a hard time trying to get the same precision yet random strokes that make the drawing look natural. 

Session 3-4

Session 3 we drew a boat and learn how to draw waves and far buildings. I noticed how Mr Artorn tends to leave white space with such precision, the colour strokes almost never goes over the lines when it's not supposed to. But when I tried to do it, it was hard haha. I think I learnt the most this session. Below is my drawing and a demo how the wave is done. 

The last session we did a house again with more trees because I thought it's what I want to practise more on. Here's the result: (Think I need more practise with my strokes.)

Overall I think this is quite a nice break from the usual shopping, eating and massaging you can do in Bangkok. Especially on a rainy day, I was quite happy to be stuck in the studio doing my paintings. 

This watercolour painting style is very unlike the usual way that I paint and do my urban sketching. Currently I do most of my sketches in ink and then watercolour but in this case, it's just a quick pencil outline and paint away! I'll see how it goes.