designer by day, windglider by night


Sketches (July & Aug)

This National Day we had an unofficial sketchwalk at the Esplanade. The drawing on the left is what I drew yesterday while the drawing on the right was done last year March. Do you see the difference? I'm glad to see a significant improvement from my old drawing. I remembered I had a hard time trying to get all the buildings right last year whereas this time I just drew based on what I casually see and did a slight reinterpret of my own colours, giving it a few blends of blues, purple and greens. What was I thinking to paint the river yellowish previously..

Here are also some portraits from this and last month's Portraits after Dark. The one on the left's  my favourite for this month's portraits. Think I've got the hair done right there. I wonder how can I give it more details. Photos labeled OIC taken by Jason for the Organisation of Illustrators Council