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"Ah, I'm out of salt. Just need a little bit more to make my dish. But I don't know my neighbours to just knock on their door and ask them for it. "

In Singapore, most of us live in a walled up HDBs and due to our busy schedules, we hardly know our neighbours. In the past where we live in kampungs, there is a "kampung spirit" where neighbours trust and help each other out. In this new age and day, how can we enliven the spirit of giving and sense of community?



To get started we went around and asked about 10 people from varying ages from a student to a parent with the following questions:

1.    Where do you live?
Establish extent of problem:
1.    How many neighbours do you know?
2.    When did you last get to know a stranger in your neighbourhood?
Desired Characteristics:
1.    What would you like to see to have a happier connected neighbourhood?
2.   What do you think you can do to make your neighbours happy?
3.   What do you think your neighbours can do to make you happy?
4.  When will you need your neighbour?

Our results varied. Most people would like to see a happier connected neighbourhood but not in the expense of having their privacy intruded. The interviews also helped us accumulate acts of service that would be great to have between neighbours. Some of the suggested services are:




After gathering the research, we want this project to form a more active "kampung spirit" in neighbourhoods by having a platform that raises awareness, exposure to neighbours' voice, interests and needs, thus creating better aligned opportunities for engagement.

I came up with a structure to frame what the application would need.

Site Map.jpg


Proposed solution (in wireframes)

Neighbourly would function like a social app with a focus in sorting interests and proximity. The feed would then filter according to what the user would like to see. Users can browse through an interest list like "Gardening", "Services" etc to filter the feeds or hit the search bar to find an interest. 

If the user is interested to engage, he can like, comment, check out his neighbour's profile or chat. 



This project started from a team mate's pitch in "Startup Weekend" held 29 Sep - 1 Oct 2017. After the event I came up with a structure and refined wireframes to take it further.  It would require a lot more iterations and feedback before moving on to the visual design stage. So stay tuned for updates!