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1. Concept and Background

Sketchgo is a productivity app to encourage sketchers to practise more by sketching on location with fellow sketchers. To encourage users' use, the app is tied to art supply merchants and museums to provide discounts and freebies for sketchers who attend a session with a sketcher. 


Being a sketcher myself, I always thought sketching is a very solo activity. But after joining the urban sketchers, a group that organises sketchwalks once a month I realise I learnt a lot more about drawing from fellow sketchers and real time observation of scenes and sights. To cultivate more active sketching events, I came up with Sketchgo! 


2. Information Architecture

To start off, I came up with an application map of the main navigations the app would have.


2. Colour Scheme

I intend to use warm shades of green, red and yellow to give a friendly and eye easing palette.

Colour Scheme.jpg

3. UI

Users can create sessions, an "event" that invites people to sketch together. On the home screen, users can check out what is "nearby", "featured" (popular sessions with high number of attendees) and "joined" (sessions users indicate to join).


To motivate sketchers to sketch more, for every session attended, there will be 1 point gained. To trace that users really attended the session, there is a QR code generated for every session created. So to gain that 1 point users would have to meet with the organiser for the QR code. 


Sketchers can upload their drawings and monitor their progress.


5. Conclusion
This is actually a 2nd iteration of Sketchgo improved after receiving user feedback of the interaction and interface. I will be making more screens and see how I can improve the visual displays by showing more micro interactions. Meanwhile you can test out the prototype here! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!